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Poultry Farming Services

Ventilation solutions, feeding systems, and electrical installations for poultry farms

We design and install ventilation and heating systems, as well as electrical systems, for egg and broiler farms as a turnkey package. We collaborate with leading equipment manufacturers and brands like Multifan, Hotracon, VAL-CO, and Chore Time to offer the best options for Finnish producers.

We also deliver, install, and maintain feeding systems specifically for broiler farms.

Our maintenance, installation, and consulting services operate every day of the year.

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Mills and Conveyors

Grobe Hammer Mills (15 kW)

  • Higher feed quality
  • Homogenization of grains improves when milled
  • Permanent magnets prevent iron from entering the mill
  • High output without blowing
  • Cleaner environment
  • No need for filters or airbags
  • Low maintenance and cleaning costs: the mill structure is durable, prolonging the maintenance interval

Chore-Time Spiral Conveyors

The FLEX-AUGER® system is simple and high quality for grain and feed transfer. The tube is made of specially blended PVC, so it is resistant to ultraviolet light and wear.

Size options:

  • 75 mm
  • 90 mm
  • 108 mm
  • 125 mm
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Equipment and Supplies

From our online store and physical store, you can get all the products and supplies for broiler farming and egg production.

  • cleaning and disinfection tools and agents
  • chick feeding papers
  • Dosatron dispensers
  • spare parts for water distribution and feeding line
  • air quality measuring devices
  • weighing devices
  • egg washing systems and supplies
  • spiral conveyors
  • work equipment and tools
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